An Invitation to Improve Our Community
Posted on Tuesday June 02, 2009
Smithville has a successful past and will have a successful future, and you can play a role.

Sitting at 105 W. Main St. is a small, brick building that is home to the Smithville Area Chamber of Commerce. The sounds of community can be heard in the office. Whether it is the bell above the front door jingling to signal a guest or the ringing of the telephone, the chamber’s goal is always the same — to bring together businesses,professionals and citizens to use their talents and ideas to encourage a balanced and successful community to live, work and play.

Since its founding in 1989, the chamber has served as the foundation of a business network of local merchants and citizens. The organization understands the value of social networking not only in helping area businesses and residents succeed but also in strengthening the community. It serves as an information center that answers questions concerning all facets of Smithville from businesses, products, services and retail. In addition, potential new residents stop by to ask questions about the community, tourists stop in for visitor information, and business owners pop in for numerous activities.

One thing apparent to the chamber is the measurable impact one person can have on a community. From a citizen’s support of local merchants, an increase in tax revenue can be seen that benefits everyone from our children to our elderly. Support in local nonprofits can leave a lasting impression and help change the course of lives, and the decision to lend a hand to the school district can positively impact hundreds of children. One of the current goals of the chamber is to continue the positive work of active residents in these areas and others and invite local businesses, citizens and organizations into our efforts to maintain the environment we all want to live. We strive to create a local economy and atmosphere that will keep our town’s momentum moving forward and benefit each resident.

Smithville has a successful past and will have a successful future,and you can play a role. Our daily decisions to recycle, shop locally and support local trades is a huge step in the right direction, but there is still more that can be done and without a huge i

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